Our show ventures to regions of the world that Americans have a curiosity about: places we read about in headlines and hear about on the nightly news. We will immerse our viewers in on-the-ground problems and then explore the gripping stories of individuals who stop at nothing to solve them.

Episode Structure

  • “Unreasonable is a bit like the TED conference on steroids… But where TED brings luminaries together for a day or two to discuss a particular problem plaguing the world, Unreasonable focuses on the start-up businesses offering solutions to those problems.”

    - FORBES -

  • “Unreasonable provides a wellspring of new business models that address both recognized issues and emerging global problems. It could become a hotline to new intelligence in developing markets.”

    - Fast Company -

Our Secret Sauce

3 reasons why Unreasonable Media is best positioned to pull this off


Major Partnerships + Sponsors

Unreasonable has over 200 partners who will lift red tape and who we can lean on to help spread the message out to millions of viewers around the world. A few of our partners include the United Nations, UNICEF, the Gates Foundation, USAID, Fast Company, the Stanford d.school, the US State Department, Huffington Post, MIT Media Lab, TED, and the White House. Furthermore, we have close relationships with a number of multinational companies who would likely want to sponsor the series as well as sponsor specific line-items in our budget to bring down the costs. Past sponsors for Unreasonable have included American Airlines, Google, the Nike Foundation, Barclays, UNICEF, Microsoft, SAP, Herman Miller, and HP…etc.

Uncommon Access

Each year, our international programs are scouring the globe for entrepreneurs who are dedicated to solving our toughest challenges. Today, our programs include The Unreasonable Institute, Unreasonable at Sea, Unreasonable Mexico, Unreasonable East Africa, the Girl Effect Accelerator and additional programs run under Unreasonable Group. Annually, we are seeing applications from entrepreneurs in well over 100 countries. The most compelling are then selected into our programs where we develop a trusting relationship with them. It’s this level of exposure and this level of trust that gives us uncommon access to promising entrepreneurs with gripping stories: entrepreneurs with game-changing solutions to seemingly intractable problems. No other production company has comparable access.


We’ve Been Doing This For Many Years

As a team we have been commissioned to film on 5 continents and across 15 countries. Unreasonable Media has documented the stories of more than 100 “social-entrepreneurs” over the course of the past 5 years. In the process, we have developed an eye for capturing the inspiring stories of these unsung heroes on the ground and in their communities. Furthermore, we have launched over 100 crowdfunding campaigns for our entrepreneurs and we have built multiple custom crowdfunding websites (click here for an example). To date, we have helped align our entrepreneurs with over $50 million in investment. Through all of our experience, we have learned what does and doesn’t work in terms of telling the stories of these undiscovered heroes and in regards to getting them funded. In other words, this is what we do, it’s what we have been doing, and it is what we do best.

A Taste of Our Work

A Few Videos By Our Team at Unreasonable Media

  • “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in adapting the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man [and woman].”

    - George Bernard Shaw -

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